UK Girls Whatsapp Number List 2022

Hello guys in this post we are going to share UK girls whatsapp number list. With the help of these numbers you can contact them on whatsapp and make more friends.

You can also start chatting with them. All these numbers are real so talk to these girls in proper way. We are sharing this list so that you can do friendship with more girls.

In this post we are sharing the numbers of the United Kingdom popular cities number. So that you can you can do friendship with girls which stay in your city.

UK stands for United Kingdom and we all know that UK girls are very beautiful and pretty. So guys without wasting anytime lets get started.

UK Girls Whatsapp Number List

UK girls whatsapp number

Name: Nate

Age: 18

Location: London

Number: +44 020-80846519

Name: Amy

Age: 20

Location: Birmingham

Number: +44 0121-4224492

Name: Silvia

Age: 19

Location: Liverpool

Number: +44 0114-8648248

Name: Julian

Age: 21

Location: Glasgow

Number: +44 0141-7858808

Name: Ruby

Age: 23

Location: Belfast

Number: +44 02895-192973

Name: Natasha

Age: 25

Location: Bristol

Number: +44 0117-1696759

Name: Tori

Age: 24

Location: Leeds

Number: +44 0113-1083751

Name: Katy


Location: Sheffield

Number: +44 0114-5488804

Name: Jennifer

Age: 18

Location: London

Number: +44 020-57846506

Name: Maddy

Age: 20

Location: Edinburgh

Number: +44 0131-7921320

Name: Lori

Age: 22

Location: Cardiff

Number: +44 029-50481678

Final Words:

So guys, these were the few very beautiful Uk girls whatsapp number list. Now you can start chatting with them and make more friends. If you like this post then please give it 1 like and share with other guys.

These are genuine numbers which we have taken from other websites. And they claim that all these numbers are real. So you can give it a try. But we would recommend you to also talk to girls in a gentlemen way and this is how girls get impressed.

We are going to add more new numbers to this post. So keep coming back for more. Thank you.

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